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Deep in the Cosmic Weave, the 11-11 Portal Dances an Enchanting Ballet of Transformation

Extended across collective consciousness, this cosmic power unleashes a call to inner growth, awareness, and strengthening our Mastery Legs in the weave of our consciousness. From the deepest regions of this cosmic choreography, unconscious layers rise up, while old foundations are revealed and unwanted patterns are mercilessly dismantled. The vibrations of 11-energy penetrate without hesitation the most hidden layers where once the connection with ourselves was lost. This year, the 11-11 portal adds an extra dimension of power to this magical transformation process.

The energy of 11-11 reveals possibilities to illuminate the hidden, rewrite old codes - from limitation to infinity, from survival to life, from wounding to healing. A chance to become aware of what once lay in the shadows, to experience it and to transform it into conscious Being.

The frequency of 11-11 resonates deeply in both the masculine and feminine energy fields of our consciousness, where it works to restore balance in a polarized consciousness. It urges us to stand firmly on both legs, Mastery Legs deeply rooted in the earth, in our divine being and human essence.

The 11-11 energy is a powerful invitation to embrace Mastery not only in higher consciousness, but also in the depths of the unconscious. It calls for taking responsibility for all aspects of our being, to confront and embrace our inner demons, for there lies the key to healing and access to our original power.

The coding of 11-11 penetrates deeply into our DNA and the programming of our physical body, where all information about our soul and original power is stored. It invites transformation at the deepest level of material manifestation, to make the unconscious conscious, to heal and to transform into deep conscious Being.

This deep-seated transformation can evoke physical reactions, as a liberation of old, stuck energies. It is not always comfortable on the physical level, but it opens the way to healing by letting go of old beliefs and emotions.

The 11-11 portal synchronizes with other cosmic elements - the energy of recent full moon eclipses, the changing melodies of the Schumann resonance, the fiery dance of solar flares, and the steady stances of planets. This creates a deeper exploration of personal and collective themes at different levels.

The 11-11 portal presents majestic opportunities for growth, awareness and redefining perspective. It illuminates what is out of balance, reveals what is twisted and calls potentials in ourselves to restore the straight line with Source and our Origin. A powerful cosmic movement that will bring a fresh breeze of change in the coming time, both within and in the world around us. It is a powerful call for more light, an invitation to let the shadows disappear. 🌌✨ #CosmicAwakening #1111Transformation #GalacticShift

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