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ACTION! Extensive Akashic Records Soul Reading - Digital Version or Book Version

ACTION! Extensive Akashic Records Soul Reading - Digital Version or Book Version

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Akashic Records Soul Reading

Extensive Akashic Records Soul Reading - Digital Version or Book Version.
Take advantage of our special PROMOTION now - available from only €77.77!

What is an Akashic Records Soul Reading?

The Akashic Records, originally a Hindu concept, are the energetic archives of the universe, storing the past, present and future. Every soul has its own Akashic Record, and with your permission I delve into this library to reveal your soul's information.

What does Soul Reading consist of?

  • Digital version:

    • Price: €77.77 (Promotional price!)
    • Regular Price: €144.44
    • Delivery time: You will receive an in-depth 30-page PDF file via email within 7 working days.
  • Book form:

    • Promotional price: Now available for only €133.33!
    • Regular Price: €199.99
    • Delivery time: If you choose the book format, the extensive ZielsReading book of 30 pages will be physically sent to your home within 3 weeks.

What Does the Extended Soul Reading Include?

Receive deep insights into your:

  • Soul Path Horoscope
  • SoulType
  • Soul Mission
  • Soul Number
  • Qualities
  • MoonReading
  • SoulPlanet
  • Soul's Desire
  • Soul Lesson
  • Your Gift
  • Your Soul Questions

Experiences of others:

Read below the heartwarming responses from Kasia, Melanie, Suus, Leonie, Edyta, Cindy, Astrid, Kees, Manuela, Anita, Mary, Nathalie, Annemie, Claudette, Wenda, Anita, Marly, Elodie, Heidie, Renate, Jolanda, Lynda, Merel, Nicky, Simone, Anne, Shirley and more!

Order now and discover the deeper layers of your soul!

Note: This Akashic Chronicle Soul Reading not only provides insight but also the necessary tools for personal growth. Be prepared to be inspired and empowered on your unique life journey.



'Hello dear Vivian, It has been some time since I received a very special extensive Akashic Chronicles reading from you. You don't know me, but when I read this reading, I have the feeling that you have been able to look very deep into my soul. So much was recognizable to me, but also new at the same time! What you wrote about my soul question really hit home and confirmed what I had always known and felt.
What I have read has also made me think about the path I should take further.
Thank you for this wonderful reading! Lots of love'


'Hello Vivian, Wow what a beautiful soul reading, I am really impressed.
It would be really nice and nice to have a soul book of it too, really special. Dear greetings'

'Hello dear Vivian. It took me a while to respond, but I had to read it a few times. I still see things that make my heart skip a beat. Somehow I recognize myself completely and this makes me anxious at the same time! Wow, is this what awaits me? Can I comply with this? But as you beautifully describe, the light is already within me and all I have to do is trust it and recognize that this is my path. Because I feel that deep inside too. Not knowing what the road will be like and when it will come creates impatience. Also a lesson in my life… I keep reading. Thank you very much sister

'Hi Dear Vivian, Thank you for this beautiful Extensive Akashic Soul Reading! I read this with much love and admiration. Thank you again.
I will read the reading more often so that I can receive a little more each time. Many things are so striking, it's great that you realized that. I am going to do the digital training of the Akashic records with you. Have read a lot about it and been able to do beautiful meditation. Love'

'Hi dear Vivian, Thank you so much for a fantastic soul reading. It's unbelievable that everything just fits.
I'll just keep reading it'


'Hey Vivian
Thank you very much for the beautiful soul reading. All my insights have been confirmed! It is a very nice explanation of my soul and quite a lot that I can work with. 36 pages is not nothing, I'm going to read them a few more times to fully absorb it. Thank you for who you are Lots of love

'Gosh Vivian, I'm speechless. Completely to the point! And indeed insights.

Thankful for the effort you made to help me get back on track... '

'I've read the Reading, it's beautiful Thank you.
I had to read it again before it really became clear.

Then I juggled on the 5th empire and it became completely clear.
Certainly the connection with the planet Venus and the soul number 5.'


'Hi dear person, I have read it. You know what's so great that this just confirms what I already know. Yet we sometimes need that confirmation, precisely because so many things happen that sometimes make us doubt ourselves. Still, what you have written now shows me that I can really listen to myself and no longer doubt and that does me good, sometimes you need something and you get something that comes your way that you can really use, thank you for the reminder, I am truly a blessed person.'

'Hi darling, I'm speechless as to how much I recognize myself in and what I can still work on.

Now I understand why I wanted a book. I'm not done yet and will read this very often. And I understand more and more where I am now.
Beautiful piece you gave me. So nice. Even my husband said (and he is not one for compliments) wow, this is beautiful what she has written, what a beautiful book, thank you, I am going to thoroughly enjoy it'


'I notice that the reading you made puts a lot into effect and the pennies are starting to fall. Together with the process I am in spiritually, you helped me with the Akasha reading to put more words to it and to clarify things. I am very grateful to you for it.
Many thanks also for the tips on what can support me in further development, I am already working on some of it, but I can do more.
Vivian, thank you very much for the entire reading. Deep respect for what a beautiful soul you are, that you can make such an attunement to people. I'm happy with you. Big hug

'Hi Vivian,

Thank you very much for this beautiful reading. Actually very recognizable, it resonates enormously! I have already read it a few times, a really nice gift for myself.
Love, Nathalie'

'Wow.. I have read it twice now and wow I am completely speechless. I recognize so much in it and I now understand myself more about some things. I was searching for myself and my soul mission. I know what I need to look into more now. Thank you Vivian

'Hi Vivian, thank you for the beautiful Akashic soul reading. I found it very recognizable. Love, Claudette'

'Dear Viv
I'm not easily silent about anything, but your beautiful soul reading made me so for a while.
The document looks beautifully presented, clear explanations, a truly beautiful piece.
I never realized that I am such a beautiful person. My talents and my gifts, I have felt it but always thought, this is not for me, I cannot do that or am not that. So nothing could be further from the truth. I can use my talents and gifts with the beautiful things that come my way. I also became a bit shy when asked: what is my strength as a healer and teacher. I can show what I have always felt, I have to heal people, show them their path (I have never actually expressed this that way, the feeling was there. I can put my doubts aside and go for it. Not only as a healer but also in other areas.
Some things have come my way in recent weeks, beautiful deep healings for myself and clients, photo readings and my first Kundalini Reiki student. The reading reveals that my challenge in my life: developing deep emotional connections with others and exploring the mysterious and intuitive aspects, that it is important to develop my communication skills and my ability to convey deep information and strengthen. I immediately realized how to communicate through my cards, poems, healings, photo readings and teaching. Guiding people on their path from my inner wisdom and intuition, my strength, my gift. I also work on my fears to clear the way here, to be a little less serious and to remain the loving friend who always has a listening ear for those who need it.
Dear Viv, thank you for the wonderful insights you have given me, I had been wondering for a while which way to go. You saw for a long time that I can do things that I do not experience myself, but I did think about it and did my meditations on this. I was often told from the universe, Vivian has the answer. Not only during the initiations, but also with this beautiful soul reading, you have shown me again and again that I have and can still make such steps. With this soul reading I can finally throw my doubts overboard and do what I am here for. I now know the direction I can go.
Love Wenda'

'Hi dear Vivian,

This is the most beautiful gift I have given myself in a long time.
I I'm speechless, so beautiful and so recognizable, everything fits together like puzzle pieces. Your soul reading has touched me deeply. I now know that I am on the right path and I now know the pitfalls I may encounter. I know that I still have a lot to process and find more confidence. Your soul reading will certainly guide me in this and help me regain my own strength and walk my path in peace and love until I reach my goal in this have achieved life. Again thank you very much'

'Dear Viev,
Since the first time I came to Moon Energy in 2020 for a full moon celebration, I felt a strong bond with you. Did we know ourselves from another life? Who knows... Over time we became closer as friends and no longer have to pronounce words but we also think the same at the same time.
Still, I was very curious about what you could get out of my Akasha soul reading, what lessons I still had to learn and what my path is for the future.
For the future: - You continue your passion for writing and communicating - You increasingly realize that knowledge is there to be shared - You learn to share what you know with others even better - You no longer hoard knowledge. You choose intense sharing that informs and educates - You also learn to deeply support the learning process of other people - You learn more and more about your communication skills
Is this the future or the present dear, I love that I get the opportunity with you to guide “witches”, spiritual, paranormal people on their path and to pass on my knowledge. This is really where my passion lies.
You have described my life and lessons in detail and they are really correct, it seems as if I have written my own soul reading.
Thank you dear for this beautiful reading, I love you sister Love Marly'


'Dear Vivian,
How exciting to open your email. I had been secretly looking forward to it for a whole week.
I must say that you certainly have very extensive information, which I will certainly read often this week to analyze it calmly and let it sink in. I am very happy with what you have been able to observe about me. It gives me tools to work on myself. So that I can continue to grow and blossom again. I thank you in advance with all my love.'

'Hello Dear Vivian, Thank you for the Soul Reading.
I had to read it a few times to fully understand it.
Somehow because of recognition, but also because it is so confrontational.
But as described, the sadness or painful part that is touched here also has a reason to be felt.
You know how to put your finger on the sore spot.
I think I will formulate my follow-up questions, but in any case I wanted to give you this feedback now. Thanks again! With kind regards'

'I received the AkashaZielsReading from Vivian. 30 pages full of things that now fall into place for me after years. After reading my soul reading, I also have the motivation to start working on myself. So I am on the right track. I have now started a number of courses at MaanErgie, which will certainly help me grow in my personal development. The courses are very easy to understand, which I really like. I have almost finished Vivian's book Fire Soul and by reading her book I am also learning and understanding a lot about myself. Thank you dear Vivian for supporting me in my journey within.'

'Wow that's throbbing!! Thank you, I recognize a lot and it certainly gives me tools and courage to continue.
With a lesson in patience and perseverance, that is sometimes not easy... Thank you! '


'Dear Vivian, Your soul reading touched me deeply.
When I received the message with the document, I felt butterflies in my stomach. I sensed positive things.
Many layers/aspects of my soul and as a person literally correspond to what I see happening and feel in my life, body and soul. My heart jumps because I see a mirror of myself again.
The pitfalls are now a challenge and no longer an obstacle. My talents come to the fore. You motivated me to keep going and believe in myself.
No matter how difficult and slow things can be in life.

Spot on, you are a beautiful soul with your words.
Dear people, if you want a unique insight into your beautiful soul, then she is the woman. She works from her heart and soul to open your soul and put it back in your power. Kind regards Rachelle '


'Wow, what beautiful handles I got. Now I understand a lot of things.'

Vivian Linders
also did a reading for me... super happy with it... everything is correct and that is confirmation for me that I can continue with it. I will read about it often..Thank you very much..'


' The soul/Akasha Reading I received from you was very moving. I immediately recognized several things. Other themes that were playing in my life and some that are still playing suddenly became clear. Every time I reread it I discover new things. It is much more than an explanation of your birth horoscope. Thanks Thanks Thanks

'I received my reading yesterday. I had goosebumps reading it. So many things that make sense! Sometimes I sat there with a smile because it was right and I am aware that I am like that. But other parts brought tears to my eyes. Because I know it's right and I can make more effort to be that way. You have really found exactly who I am and
what I can work on. And I also see that I have already made some progress. Thank you very much for this. I think I'm going to read it 10 more times and learn from it. '

'Dear Vivian Linders , thank you very much for the beautiful Soul Reading that I received from you. I am still very amazed by it, especially how extensive this reading is, but also how recognizable everything is. I now know what I can work on, what my soul can learn, what my mission is, and also what my soul type and qualities are.'

'Thank you Vivian Linders for your beautiful Akasha Reading. I ordered the extended version and how quiet I was after reading all the pages…. As if everything was right in my life. I knew a lot by now, but not where it came from and what it was needed for. My life is finally so clear and more meaningful! Because all puzzle pieces suddenly fell together, I no longer have to doubt, but I can be who I am and I no longer have to look for a better version... I will have to read it often to comprehend everything and give it a place. With kind regards, '

'Hi Vivian, Thank you for this beautiful soul reading. They were true words. I now have a throbbing feeling around my heart chakra. I've had a premonition before. But I didn't know it was so intense. I now feel like I can shed a few tears... Not out of sadness but to let go of things from the past! Thank you dear Vivian'

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