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Shamanic Modules including 10 Attunements in the Munay-Ki - Digital Learning Environment

Shamanic Modules including 10 Attunements in the Munay-Ki - Digital Learning Environment

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Digital Learning Environment.
Shamanic Modules including 10 Distance Initiations into the Munay-Ki

This Digital Shamanism Course consists of 12 Modules.
After completing the 12 Modules you will receive a certificate.


You can start with our Shamanic Modules in the digital learning environment at any time throughout the year.


In our digital learning environment you can find all the teaching materials of the Shamanic Modules.

The modules can also be ordered separately. The initiations take place remotely.

This learning environment gives you access to your courses, assignments, teaching materials, videos and much more fun information.


In our digital learning environment  you can enjoy pleasant and educational contact with fellow students. And of course you can ask any questions here.

Shamanism is one of the oldest and most powerful spiritual ways of life and healing methods that we humans know. It is used by both men and women
practiced. It is a journey of discovery into yourself. The word shaman means “the one who knows” or “the one who sees in the dark”. It is a way of living and healing in a deep connection with
nature, the animals, the elements and the spirit world. A Shaman can make contact with spirits and the spirit world.
Shamans, men and women, guide ceremonies and are seers.
Shamanism focuses on healing the spiritual cause of illness or (emotional) pain, using spirit helpers and power animals.


Module 1:
Creating Sacred Space, Munay-ki Initiation 1 The Initiation of The Healer, Chakana, Level of Consciousness

Module 2:
Munay-ki Initiation 2
The Bonds of Power,
Hagstones, Bath Ceremonies

Module 3:
Munay-ki Initiation 3, Ayni,
Archetypes, Numerology
Sigil and Power Animal Drawing

Module 4:
Munay-ki Initiation 4
The initiation of The Seer
The Medicine Wheel

Module 5:
Munay-ki Initiation 5 The Initiation of the Keeper of the Day, Mesa,
Spiritual Herbs Part 1
Flower and Herb Water

Module 6:
Munay-ki Initiation 6, The Initiation of the Keeper of Wisdom
Chumpi Stones, Gemstones & Minerals, Herbs Part 2

Module 7:
Munay-ki Initiation 7, the Initiation of the Keeper of the Earth. Rite of the Womb

Module 8:
Munay-ki Initiation 8, The Initiation of the Keeper of the Stars, Wild Plants and Herbs

Module 9:
Munay-ki Initiation 9, The Initiation of the Creator, Soul Retrieval
Collect lost soul particles from yourself

Module 10:
Munay-ki Initiation 10, The Initiation of the Goddess, Soul Retrieval
Retrieve Lost Soul Particles from Someone Else

Module 11:
Making mandalas,

Magic Trees
Make your own Protection Bag

Module 12:
Automatic drawing
How to make your own Shaman Drum

The investment in yourself for this annual training in shamanism and journey of discovery into yourself - in our Digital Learning Environment - amounts to Euro 29.95 per module.
This includes the 10 initiations and a digital Certificate.

You can start at any time in our digital learning environment.
I will prepare your distance initiation for you and you can pick it up when it suits you best.

The modules can also be ordered separately.

Initiations into the Munay-Ki are nine Empowerment Rites based on the initiation practices of the
Q'ero shamans of Peru. "Munay" in Quechua means "love and will", along with "ki", from the Chinese word for energy,
to give the meaning: energy of love.
The initiations include a digital Certificate.

In 12 months you will receive the 10 Initiations in the Munay-Ki, these initiations are at a distance.
-1. The Initiation of the Healer , Hampe karpay
The start of your journey of transformation through energy healing. A profound power of love awakens through three energy centers:
Llankay (doing, belly), Munay (love, heart) and Yachai (vision, head). The ability to heal is awakened, both to heal yourself and others.
A deep current of love and understanding awakens.
All your actions will go together with Munay, strong-willed love or loving willpower.
-2. The Chumpi Karpay Initiation , of the Bonds of Power
Chumpi means 'brown' and gives you a connection with the earth, your deep inner self, the cosmos and all
elements. Five energetic bands of power are woven into your energy field.
-3. The Initiation of Harmony (Ayni Karpay)
Ayni means: sacred reciprocity:
“I am part of the big picture, everything I do has consequences for the whole.”
This initiation connects you to the seven creative principles of the universe. Seven archetypes,
universal, organizing forces awaken as energetic seeds in your chakras.
-4. The Initiation of the Seer (Kawaq Karpay)
The seer is the witness, which all spiritual traditions talk about. He observes the world and beyond
By observing, he creates the world. The seer does not identify with what he sees.
This rite activates the inner seer within you and thus your ability to explore the invisible world
to perceive energy and spirit. It strengthens your intuitive abilities. It gives a clear view
and higher insights. Inner knowing is strengthened and all your senses are sharpened.
-5. The Initiation of the Keeper of the Day (Pampamesayok)
'Heal the feminine within yourself'.
This initiation is the ritual of the guardians of the day. They serve the feminine, mother earth
and its nature. They work with the invisible qualities of nature and the power places of the
earth to bring harmony to the relationship between humans and earth.
For a long time the feminine has been suppressed and we have neglected the earth. With this initiation
improves your relationship with the earth, with our great mother, who is always there and from whom all life comes
-6. The Initiation of the Keeper of Wisdom (Altomesayok)
This initiation heals the masculine aspect of yourself and connects you with it.
The rite of the Keeper of Wisdom restores the connection with the heavens and with the father (sun). It
connects you to your descendants from the past and the future. They are beings of light who cause death
have overcome and who have stepped out of time.
Thanks to this initiation you can step out of time and taste your immortality, of infinity
and collective wisdom. The wounds from your past lives are gradually healed, making you...
becomes whole on a soul level.
-7. The Initiation of the Keeper of the Earth (Kuraq Akuyek)
'Dream the World into Being'
This initiation connects you with the archangels who watch over our Milky Way. The guardians of the earth watch over all life on earth. They fall under the direct protection of these archangels. When necessary, they can call on their powers to bring healing, order and balance to all situations.
This initiation as guardian of the earth gives you a direct connection with the stars (children) and with the sun, our local star. And from that connection you close the entire earth, our beautiful blue/green planet, in your heart. You learn how to create a new world through your dreams.
You become more aware that every action, word, thought and a single blessing can have an impact on the next seven generations.
-8. The Initiation of the Keeper of the Stars (Mosoq Karpay)
This is the initiation of the future (Aquarius age) that anchors you in the time after the great turnaround that took place around 2012.
You are freed from the past, from linear time and place and can enter infinity. From new dimensions and supported by direct contact with the stars, you gain strong innovative power for your future.
Your physical body, informed with the latest codes for the New Man, begins to evolve towards that of a Homo Luminus. Your DNA is re-informed and you become more resistant to diseases. Your aging process also starts to slow down.
-9. The Initiation of the Creator (Taytanchis)
The word Taytanchis literally means 'God'.
This initiation activates your Divine nature, the light of creation, the creator within you. It represents the masculine part of creation.
It brings unity consciousness to reality at the cellular level. You transcend the idea of ​​separation and your identification with your ego. God and you are one. And so is everything.
Or as the Mayans greet each other: In Lak'ech, I am another you.
-10. The Initiation of the Goddess (Ñusta Karpay)
Nusta means 'princess', the feminine principle of creation.
This is comparable to the three Hindu goddesses: Laksmi, Saraswati and Kali.
This initiation completes the Munay Ki.
The rite of the Goddess connects you with the feminine life energy of mother earth and with the
feminine energy from heaven.

The practical assignments of these Shamanic Modules will be dedicated to:
-Making your own medicine wheel
-Energistically cleansing your own sacred space, chakras and auras
-The applications of a fire ritual.


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The investment in yourself per module is Euro 29.95.

If you order 4, 8 or 12 modules in the digital learning environment you will receive a discount.

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