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FREE Dolphin Reiki

FREE Dolphin Reiki

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The special bond between people and dolphins and the special powers that these amazing animals possess have been known for centuries. They are very intelligent beings who live in unity, treasurers of light on earth and Master healers.


Dolphin energy consists of an untold amount of light energy frequencies and everything touched by them transforms into higher conscious values. This energy reaches us, unhindered by time and distance, effortlessly and quickly. It is sent to us by them and reaches us like frequency waves from, for example, radio, TV and mobile telephone.


These frequencies are not yet perceptible to our brains, but our consciousness and our love are opening up more and more to this beautiful unconditional love that the dolphins send to us. The dolphins ask us to have compassion for all that is and to love without judgment and with surrender. Their role is similar to that of the angels: they are here to help, support and watch over us and have the ability to bring you back to your source. To experience their healing and loving power we do not have to actually swim.

Through a Dolphin Power initiation you can make contact with the Dolphins and...
their playfulness and love.

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