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E-Book FIRE SOUL - Vivian Linders

E-Book FIRE SOUL - Vivian Linders

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E-Book FIRE SOUL - Vivian Linders

ISBN/EAN: 978-94-93303-24-9

Title: FireSoul

Author: Linders, Vivian

NUR code: 402

NUR description: True stories

Number of pages: 172

Language: Dutch

Form: E-Book

The fire of the witch persecution in the 17th century has only licked the earthly layers from her body.
Like a phoenix, red-haired Shana rises from her own bones and returns to our time.
Who had to leave them behind? Why is she born again and finds everyone again?

She is being prepared to become a new-age child in a womb filled with unprocessed emotions.
After being cut free from her mother, she is allowed to cut energetic and emotional cords herself.
She feels the future, sees energies in people, animals and plants and creates her own reality with the power of thought.
Will she find out why she chose her parents and manage to heal and feel again?

She is called 'witch'; her spiritual thirst proves insatiable. She loses everything that is dear to her because of this.
This is a strategic choice of her soul that will directly influence her further adventures and experiences.
Will she discover, strengthened by trust and surrender, who she really is and will she work with her soul again?

Let Shana inspire you in your own inner search and on your spiritual path, so that you too may heal.
Remember the soul mission for which you came here at this time.

“It might be seen as breathing fire or light where there was none before.”

Why this book?

Fire Soul is a true story, autobiographical.

Let the new age child Shana take you on a journey through time. Experience up close how she grows up with the parents she chose before she was born.

The family line she ends up in needs a lot of healing; transformation begins with her birth as the eldest child in the family.

Strengthened by spiritual knowledge and unconditional friendship, she dares to really look at her inner reflection.

Her spiritual growth allows her to remove the dark knots that have developed in her energy field over time.
The universe rewards her for this with more inner strength and balance.

Unconditional love and light help Shana to heal. In this way she learns to work with her soul again.

Be inspired by Shana in your own inner search, so that you too may heal. Remember the soul mission for which you came here at this time.

In Munay,

Vivian Linders


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