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PROMOTION PACKAGE! 15 Distance Attunements: Munay-ki, Kundalini Reiki, Rite of Womb and Dolphin Reiki - Digital Learning Environment

PROMOTION PACKAGE! 15 Distance Attunements: Munay-ki, Kundalini Reiki, Rite of Womb and Dolphin Reiki - Digital Learning Environment

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PROMOTION PACKAGE! 15 Distance Attunements: 10 X Munay-ki, 3 x Kundalini Reiki, Rite of Womb and Dolphin Reiki - Digital Learning Environment

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Give yourself this beautiful gift!

Including teaching material, description of initiations and digital certificates.

Preferably leave at least 2 to 3 weeks between initiations, but this varies per person.


  • The 10 Shamanic Distance Initiations in the Munay-Ki , based on the initiatory practices of the Q'ero shamans of Peru. The Munay-Ki are the codes for the new human. Munay-Ki heals the wounds of the past. Due to the rapid changes on earth, there is an urgent need for us to collectively, as people, make a shift in our consciousness. The Munay-Ki ensures that we go through the energetic and psychological processes necessary to shake off our old world baggage. You will gain insight into who you are and where you come from and you will be given the tools to become powerful and independent. You can step out of fear. Includes Digital Certificate
    1. The Healer's Initiation . The ability to heal is awakened, both to heal yourself and others.

    2. The Initiation of the Bonds of Power . Five energetic bands of power are woven into your energy field, so you are much better protected.
    3. The Initiation of Harmony . This initiation connects you to the seven creative principles of the universe.
    4. The Seer's Initiation . This rite activates the inner seer within you and thus your ability to perceive the invisible world of energy and spirit.
    5.The initiation of the Keeper of the Day .
    This initiation heals the feminine within yourself and connects you more with it.
    6. The initiation of the Keeper of Wisdom .
    This initiation heals the masculine aspect of yourself and connects you more with it.
    7. The Initiation of the Keeper of the Earth .
    'Dream the World into Being' You will learn how to create a new world through your dreams. You become more aware of every action, word, thought.
    8. The initiation of the Keeper of the Stars .
    This is the initiation of the future (Aquarius age).
    You are freed from the past, from linear time and place and can enter infinity.
    9. The Initiation of the Creator .
    This initiation activates your Divine nature, the light of creation, the creator within you. It represents the masculine part of creation. It brings unity consciousness to reality at the cellular level. You transcend the idea of ​​separation and your identification with your ego. Everything is one.
    10. The Initiation of the Goddess .
    This initiation blesses the other 9 initiations.
    The rite of the Goddess connects you with the feminine life energy of mother earth and with the feminine energy of heaven.
  • (13) Kundalini Reiki 1, 2, and 3 Distance Attunements including Mastership and Digital Certificate
    Kundalini means "the coiled force". It refers to a coiled energy channel at the base of the spine, the root chakra. The kundalini energy flows from this first chakra up to the crown of your head.
    Kundalini Reiki is a form of reiki with many possibilities and applications for your own spiritual development and that of others.
  • (14) Rite of the Womb. Rite of the Womb. The rebirth of the strong, loving essence of your womanhood. This is very powerful and gently brings your womb of creation into natural balance, which will increase your sense of self-confidence and self-esteem. Women without a uterus and men can also receive this initiation. After all, we all come from a womb.
  • (15) Dolphin Reiki . Includes Digital Certificate
    The special bond between people and dolphins and the special powers that these amazing animals possess have been known for centuries. They are very intelligent beings who live in unity, treasurers of light on earth and Master healers.

    Thank you Vivian! What a moving experience. As the circle closed, tears ran down my cheeks as I thanked Gaia. My heart is overflowing. I'm curious what it will bring in the near future.

    For now, thank you very much.

    Love Monique

We will prepare the remote initiations for you. You decide when you collect the dedications.

It is nice to find a quiet place, sit or lie down comfortably and relax as best as possible. You can also set up a guided meditation. So you don't have to call and it works without a video connection.

You will automatically feel when an initiation begins and is finished.
The initiation can feel very peaceful, but it can also feel very powerful. That differs per person and both are just fine.


When you reserve a Digital Course , you get immediate access to our community .

You are part of our Manifesteer Community, where you will be warmly welcomed by more than 450 fellow students and teachers.
Your modules will be opened here so that you can immediately view the course material, also on an app on your phone.

Meet nice new spiritual people and who knows, maybe someone lives near you.
Ask your questions in the group and learn together to manifest and love yourself unconditionally, including Self-Love Meditations.

You can start at any time in our digital learning environment.
The initiations are remote and are prepared for you. So you can receive your initiations in your own familiar environment, when it suits you best.

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