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Nusta Karpay Goddess Attunements - Digital Learning Environment

Nusta Karpay Goddess Attunements - Digital Learning Environment

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The 7 Shamanic Goddess Initiations Nusta Karpay at a distance

Empowerment Rites based on the initiatory practices of the Q'ero shamans of Peru

Digital Learning Environment

Come back to your Primal Power
Return to your primal power and connect with the spirit of the water. Connect with the fire that will bring you back to your feminine power. Open your heart, your throat and your third eye, allowing healing of your inner child to take place. See who you really are again and become connected to the universe on a deeper level.

The Nustas, the goddesses from the Andes, help you connect with the feminine energy within you, so that it can heal. So that there is balance again between the male and female parts of you.

The Nusta Karpay, initiations of the Nustas, consist of 7 initiations.

I will prepare your remote initiations for you and you can pick them up at a time that suits you best.

Initiations of the Nustas are 7 Empowerment Rites based on the initiation practices of the
Q'ero shamans of Peru.
The initiations include a Certificate (after the 7th initiation).

'Wow. So special that you also saw that color.
I first got a very heavy feeling in the area of ​​my 3rd eye. It became lighter and lighter, until it all became feather light and white. I opened my own eyes and looked at the world completely differently, through the eyes of a hawk. I saw my own beak.
It felt very nice.
Thank you'

Welcome to the journey of completeness and unity that reconnects you with your heart rate and our great Mother Earth, Pachamama. This life-changing inner journey allows you to return to unity and attunement to the primal source of our being
The Nusta Karpay means Goddess Initiations. The Nustas are the Goddesses of the mountains (Apus). The Nustas are connected to 7 feminine mountains in Peru and the 7 chakras. The Nusta Karpay are the initiations of the seven Andean goddesses from the Inca shamanic tradition.

The seven initiations consist of infusing seeds of light into your chakras.
These initiations help you to become fully in balance with yourself. They support and accelerate your spiritual growth. You will find more balance in your life, connected to the healing of Mother Earth. These beautiful energies help soothe the wounded ego. They help to let go of fears, feelings of guilt and, for example, wanting to have control over everything.

The Nusta Karpay introduces us to a way of life that provides much more fulfillment. This is because you are more connected and you can share your talents with the world.

You will receive the 7 Nusta Karpay Remote Attunements.

1.Mama Oclo Distance Initiation
Mother of all Goddesses and Goddess of wisdom.

This first initiation is aimed at enlightening yourself and is also a healing. Your feminine power is healed and the balance is restored between the masculine and feminine aspects within yourself. This ensures an increase in vitality, passion and physical safety. Helps with anxiety, depression and lack of confidence.

2.Doña Mujia Distance Initiation
Goddess of water
The purpose of this initiation is to soften your ego and resolve negative emotions and feelings. Provides more confidence. Helps release jealousy, loneliness and shyness. The task of this Goddess is connected to “letting go”. She is the Goddess of gentleness.

3.Mama Simona Distance Initiation
Goddess of your Ancestors, your Fire

This Goddess will help you connect with your heritage, the healing power of your ancestors. You will connect more with your healing abilities and your healing origins, both from this life and from previous lives.
This connection with the oldest female mountain in Peru improves your self-esteem, creates a more positive self-image, personal strength, independence and more happiness. Brings you into contact with your gifts and attunement to your cosmic personal
path. Let go of dependency, lack of trust and self-judgment. Connect with the earth and with yourself.

4.Dona Theresa Remote Initiation
Goddess of the Heart and Love

Doña Theresa is connected to your heart, to feelings and emotions and helps to open your heart. Connection to a heart-shaped mountain near Ausangate. Open your heart, perceive more without judgment and view life from your heart. Harmony and softness and more connection with your Soul. Open your heart and heal your inner child.
This energy is loving, caring and promotes generosity, selflessness, healing, balance and discernment. Free yourself from indecisiveness, paranoia, over-criticism, moodiness and co-dependency.

5.Maria Sakapana Distance Initiation
Goddess of the Wind and Communication
Stimulates good communication & expression, creativity, inspiration and helps you to live in the present. She is also connected to the light of the moon, Mama Kilja, the Goddess of communication. Dare to express yourself freely again, open your throat chakra. You make contact with those parts of yourself that you have pushed away during your life and because of which you have not been honest with yourself. You can't hide anything from the light of the moon. She invites you to speak your truth. This is a purifying initiation that removes the heavy energy from your throat.

6.Huana Huaman Tiklla Distance Initiation
Huana Huaman Tiklla is the Goddess of Seeing, of Inner Seeing, Clear Seeing, Clear Vision and Insights

Increases your intuition, vision, clarity of thoughts and emotions.
Opens your 3rd eye for clear seeing, clear vision and insights, so that you can see who you really are. This empowers you in your purest form. It gives balance and peace within yourself.

7.Thomasa Huaman Tiklla
Goddess of Light, Liberation and Freedom
Thomasa Huaman Tiklla is the sister of Huana Huaman Tiklla. Tiklla is the connection between this world and the upper world.
Stimulates light energy, knowledge of higher consciousness, connection with source, making you feel grounded in your life purpose. Helps you release confusion and reconnect, invites you to transformation, freedom and opens your crown chakra.
All chakras are activated and you are reconnected with the 7 lights and 7 stars of the Pleiades.

The investment in yourself for The 7 Shamanic Nusta Attunements amounts to Euro 29.95 per distance initiation in our Digital Learning Environment. It is important that there is at least 1 week between initiations.

If you reserve all 7 initiations at once, you will receive 1 initiation for free.

After the 7 initiations, you will receive a Certificate.
You can then also pass on the initiations yourself.
You will also receive information from us on how to do this.

You can start at any time in our digital learning environment. I will prepare your distance initiation for you and you can pick it up when it suits you best.

Shamanism is one of the oldest and most powerful spiritual ways of life and healing methods that we humans know. It is used by both men and women
practiced. It is a journey of discovery into yourself. The word shaman means “the one who knows” or “the one who sees in the dark”. It is a way of living and healing in a deep connection with nature, animals, the elements and the spirit world. A Shaman can make contact with spirits and the spirit world.
Shamans, men and women, guide ceremonies and are seers.
Shamanism focuses on healing the spiritual cause of illness or (emotional) pain, using spirit helpers and power animals.


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