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Shamballa Reiki Level 1-4 Distance Attunements - Digital Learning Environment

Shamballa Reiki Level 1-4 Distance Attunements - Digital Learning Environment

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Shamballa Reiki Level 1-4 Distance Attunements - Digital Learning Environment

Shamballa Reiki is used for spiritual development and personal healing.
This system is based on the belief that each individual has been attuned to Reiki at some point in the past and that they have the ability to reactivate it to benefit humanity and heal the world.

We are able to find deep, complex meditations with higher spiritual entities, archangels and ascended masters.
The spirit of St. Germain was believed to belong to Atlantean origins, and therefore Shamballa MDH appears to have the flavors and teachings of Atlantis.

Shamballa Reiki has very high vibrations.
It contains enormous amounts of information and energy that you can only access through meditation, self-treatment and exercise.
The principles of this system were introduced by none other than Mikaomi Usui in the 20th century.

They are combined with the ancient metaphysical principles and teachings of Shamballa that originated in Tibet and India.
Shamballa operates at a high vibrational level and therefore allows for faster energy transfers at a higher intensity.

It allows you to connect with the fullest expression of your true being.
This allows you to experience fulfillment in all aspects of your life, including (but not limited to) health, finances, relationships and career.


Shamballa Reiki 1 and 2

These two levels cover the basics of traditional Reiki teachings as well as the ancient history of Shamballa, the nature of Shamballa energy, how to use Shamballa for self-healing and healing others, the Shamballa prayer and the summoning of the Silver-Violet Flame, distance healing, grounding techniques, the metaphysical meaning of discomfort, the chakras and energy bodies, the traditional Reiki symbols and additional Shamballa symbols.

Shamballa Reiki 3

Shamballa 3 covers several advanced methods of working with the Shamballa energy, including working with healing teams of Ascended Masters, healing with Archangel Michael and the Mahatma energy, a discussion of the 352 symbols of Shamballa, various meditations, and the level initiation procedure 1. After completing this level, you can initiate others into Shamballa 1.

Shamballa 4 Reiki Master

This level includes additional Shamballa symbols, the Mahatma energy, a meditation to bring in the Mahatma energy, a special initiation into the Mahatma energy, a Christ Consciousness healing initiation, an abundance prayer, a powerful manifestation method using an activated merkaba field (light body), the use of the Silver Violet Flame, various meditations for ascension, DNA activation and cutting karmic ties, how to perform all Shamballa initiations.

Energy Exchange
The energy exchange to receive the initiations is Euro 29.95 per distance initiation.

If you reserve all 4 levels at once you will receive a 20 Euro discount

You can start at any time in our digital learning environment.
The initiations are remote and are prepared for you. So you can receive your initiations in your own familiar environment, when it suits you best.


When you reserve a Digital Course , you get immediate access to our community .

You are part of our Manifesteer Community, where you will be warmly welcomed by almost 500 fellow students and teachers.
Your modules will be opened here so that you can immediately view the course material, also on an app on your phone.


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