Reviews and Recommendations

Antoinette's Review
Digital Shamanic Witchcraft Modules :

'Hi Vivian, About 2 weeks ago I did the second initiation, The Bands of Power. I lay down and it felt like I was being lifted. First my feet got cold, then warm, the same happened to my hands. During the entire initiation a kind of pressure was applied to my nose. When I closed and said thanks, this was also over. Now I make sure that I pay attention to the tires every day during a walk in the woods.
Visualize them, connect with them more and more powerfully and thank them.
Thank you for another wonderful experience. With kind regards'

Sally's Review
Munay-ki Initiation

'I completed the Munay Ki and found the initiations very pleasant and educational and I am happy that I chose this course. It has channeled me and made a lot clear about the life I have lived and the path I am now walking and has removed a lot of uncertainty.
I feel very peacefull and focused.
Thank you! Love'

Simone's Review
the app of our Community/
Digital Learning Environment

''Dear Vivian, I am so happy and grateful with the app of the manifesting community, I can now follow my training anywhere,
even now that I can sit in the hospital for 3 hours

Monique's Review
Angel Link Archangel Michael Initiation :

'Today I had my 2nd angel initiation from Vivian Linders , what an experience, what a connection, pfffff, both goosebumps... I was guided by an angel and saw myself transform from a red-brown color to a light blue-white color, so nice. I felt the initiation rushing through my body wonderfully towards beautiful heart and angelic connections'

'There was initiation number 3. I had not yet said the words to receive the initiation when my feet and hands started to tingle intensely and that was it for the first time. A tiger shows itself very briefly. Later my lower legs also started to tingle and it felt as if my hands were being pressed down by the energy. A little later came the colors that danced around each other..... Especially yellow, orange and purple. A shadow came into view and it was nothing more than a shadow/human form. And faces where you only saw the mouths as if they were blowing something towards me. Very special.
Thank you for this dedication'

Hans's Review
Extended Soul Reading :

'Hello dear Vivian,
Thank you very much for the extensive reading, for this gift! I am so happy with it!! I think it's great that you can receive this information!
I'd love to come back for a book one of these months!
I'd love to knock on your door when I'm ready.
Greetings Hans'

Manuela's Review
Pleiades Distant Initiation

'I would like to pass on what I felt during the first initiation, I felt goosebumps and felt wind to my left and tingling sensations. It feels very familiar and nice. It's very special, I've never felt this strong and powerful about anything before.'

Kelly's Review
Digital Shamanic Witchcraft Modules :

'Initiation 5. First did the meditation. Saw women. Not sharply, but enough that I knew/could see in my head that they were there. They shook my hand and stood in a circle around a fire with me and then one by one touched their foreheads to me and felt safe.
During the initiation I felt such a woman again and I felt very warm in my heart and between my shoulder blades. Warmest thing I've felt so far.'

Renate's Review
Digital Shamanic Witchcraft Modules :

Hi, I just received my Shamanic Witchcraft initiation module 9 basic Witchcraft. It was very nice. My body started to tingle in the beginning, especially the legs, then all over my body. My hands grew warm. My breathing became deeper even now. I had a wonderfully happy feeling. Thank you Vivian .'

Judith's Review
Nusta Karpay Distance Initiation

'Received the third initiation of the nusta karpay today. First I did the meditation which I really like. Me. Totem animals were very strong. A horse, butterfly, eagle, snake were there with me. Later a panther was added. During the initiation itself, sadness arose from not feeling at home on earth. I also clearly heard a voice. You don't want to let go of your old self. (My past) I knew immediately what was meant here. How nice this confirmation also felt that I am transforming into a new self. Afterwards I felt like coming home to earth... thank you for this beautiful initiation. It was said that you are the woman of the seven directions.

Wenda's Review
Nusta Karpay Distance Initiation

'Hi Viv . What a special experience. It immediately felt intensely warm in my lower abdomen/chakra. I felt this moving through every chakra. Saw a lot of orange, red and yellow, sometimes hints of green and blue. At the end I saw an eye.
Felt a lot of warmth and love during the initiation.

Thank you. Love, Wendy'

New Review from Annemie 2 months after her
Extended Soul Reading :

'The more I read my soul reading, the more the pieces fall together. I recognize so much of myself in it. Unconsciously I started it 2 years ago with mini small steps... purely out of interest... a little voice that sent me to the spiritual and since then I have more peace in my head... now I know for sure that it is my thing. .and I want to keep growing in it. Now I know what I need to work on further. Thank you'

Astrid's Review
Extended Soul Reading :

'Gosh Vivian, I'm speechless. Completely to the point! And indeed insights.
Thankful for the effort you made to help me get back on track...

Judith's Review
Nusta Karpay Distance Initiation

'I picked up the second initiation of the nusta karpay, dona muija. I felt a lot of warmth. My solar plexus in particular was very warm all the time. The heart chakra and throat, third eye and crown also became warm. I felt like I was kind of being baptized by the goddess in the water. Immersed in softness. I felt other sisters around me and I felt a blessing from the goddess of the waters. Thank you for this beautiful initiation/rite'

Sonja's Review
Digital Shamanic Witchcraft Modules :

'Hello Vivian, It has been quiet for a while, but today the time has come and I received my 2nd initiation After my hands and feet immediately started tingling, it initially remained "dark".... Then a human shape came into view and then the (entire initiation) colors which went from Yellow/Orange to Blue/Purple to Yellow/Orange/ Pink to White and finally ending in various Green shades. Such a beautiful color show. During this dedication a number of animals also passed by. The Wolf (several times), an Eagle, a Snake (2x). And a lifelike brown Horse. A beautiful animal, which lay in the grass and bowed its head. She appeared to be wearing a bridle with red fringes. Furthermore, I saw a blonde lady lying under a majestic large tree with a beautiful Viking man . Finally I felt tickles on my face as if I was being lovingly caressed. My whole body also tingled. Thank you Love'

Anita's Review
Soul Reading in Book Form :

'Hi darling, I'm speechless as to how much I recognize myself in and what I can still work on. Now I understand why I wanted a booklet. I'm not done yet and will read this very often. And I understand more and more where I am now. Beautiful piece you gave me. So nice. Even my husband said (and he is not one for compliments) wow, this is beautiful what she has written, what a beautiful book thank you, I'm going to really enjoy it '

Reviews Wendy

Dear Viv, thank you for this beautiful Munay Ki initiation number 7. A very deep healing has taken place in my body. I now feel more peace in my thoughts, but also physical peace very deep within me. This initiation was beautiful in terms of colors, feelings and insights. Please come in at this time.
Thank you for your always nice, clear feedback.

I always find every initiation of the Munay Ki a surprise. Received number 6 today: Keeper of wisdom. What a wonderful experience we had again. A beautiful power has been released in me, I have been able to see fire in my hands. In that I saw myself as a healing shaman. It was wonderful to feel the shaman in me for a moment, it felt familiar. Thank you dear Vivian. Also for your always nice extensive feedback after every initiation

This afternoon the dedication: Received the Keeper of the day. What a wonderful experience. Being able to experience a past life, a warm, familiar energy. It felt very good and safe. Thank you Vivian.

Two shamans received by Vivian. The energy felt very warm and familiar and powerful. This gave me very nice initiations. I had already received 1 initiation (seer) and really noticed a change after a few weeks. The assignments to feed the seeds are easy to do and take little time. But you get something nice in return. I have already experienced that. Thank you Vivian (beautiful person).

Review Marc van Kammen

Super nice courses, very educational
And also a very sweet and warm person
I feel welcome and appreciated there

Review Bianca

Hi, I'm Bianca and my experience with moon energy was particularly beautiful!
Highly recommended!

Simone's Review of her Distance Initiation

"Thank you dear Vivian for this beautiful dedication"

Sonja's Review of her Shamanic Distance Initiation

'Thank you, what a beautiful experience.... My hands were tingling (and still are) and it felt like someone was holding them, I also saw blue colors and at the end bright white light.

But also different mouths as if they were saying a prayer for me. I felt my head bow naturally out of humility and gratitude, only to be lifted again shortly afterwards. Thank you '

Yvon's Review of her
Akashic Soul Reading

'Wow that's throbbing!!

Thank you, I recognize a lot and it certainly gives me tools and courage to continue.

With a lesson in patience and perseverance, that is sometimes not easy...

Thank you! '

Joyce's Review of her Distance Initiation

" Hi Vivian. Wow, the feeling was so nice, first I felt my throat chakra open and then throughout my body. My hands became very warm and they are still flowing. A special experience, thank you"

Kees' Review
Extended Soul Reading :

'I've read the Reading, it's beautiful Thank you. I had to read it again before it really became clear. Then I juggled on the 5th empire and it became completely clear. Certainly the connection with the planet Venus and the soul number 5.'

Michelle's Review of her Distance Initiation

'Thank you Vivian! I have received several Reiki attunements, but this one was very nice. The tingling went down my spine and I felt a lot of unconditional love, very special'

Nana's Review of her Distance Initiation

'Wow. Thank you for your love dear Vivian!
A wave of love now flows through me and I feel very peaceful and powerful. It may sound a bit strange, but I no longer even have pain in my Achilles tendons and elbow.'

Judith's Review of her
Nusta Karpay Distance Initiation

'When I received the initiation, my heart became very warm, and then so did the solar plexus. That continued for a very long time. I felt and saw that I was going to walk a sacred path, but also that I thought I had to do that. Later I saw it become completely light.

I did my own path which is not fixed. My throat also became warm, also third eye and crown. I saw that I was missing love or so I thought. I started to see in the path too. There was no more. I started to feel more and more that love is just there. It is always with me and I cannot be separated from it. Actually everything became completely light and I felt loved and cherished on earth and felt all the love from above around me, on earth'

Nathalie's Review
Munay-ki Initiation

'Thank you, special Vivian! It was very nice and it feels life changing. I already had a strong feeling that I had to do this today. No idea why, but that energy has never been so strong. Thank you very much again :).”


Nathalie's Review
Digital Shamanic Witchcraft Modules :

'Dear Vivian, thank you so much for all your support.

So much has been initiated and opened. It is transformative and life changing!

It is digital but also so personal.

You have a wonderful platform and I have already recommended it to several people.

I am so grateful that this came my way'

Renate's Review

Akashic Soul Reading

'I received the AkashaZielsReading from Vivian. 30 pages full of things that now fall into place for me after years. After reading my soul reading, I also have the motivation to start working on myself. So I'm on the right track . I have now started a number of courses at MaanErgie, which will certainly help me grow in my personal development. The courses are very clearly understandable, which I really like. I have almost finished Vivian's book Fire Soul and by reading her book I am also learning and understanding a lot about myself. . Thank you dear Vivian for supporting me in my journey within .'

Annemie's Review
Akashic Soul Reading :

'Wow.. I have read it twice now and wow I am completely speechless. I recognize so much in it and I now understand myself more about some things. I was searching for myself and my soul mission. I know what I need to look into more now. Thank you Vivian '

Renate's Review of her Distance Initiation

'Received the 1st initiation of Kundalini Reiki this afternoon. Very nice and also very happy with Vivian's feedback on what she saw. Thank you dear Vivian another step in my personal development.

I look forward to the next dedication .

I I have taken quite a lot of courses and training, but have never had such nice personal contact.'

Marly's Review of her
Akashic Soul Reading:

'Dear Viev,

Since the first time I came to Moon Energy for a full moon celebration in 2020, I felt a strong bond with you. Did we know ourselves from another life? Who knows... Over time we became closer as friends and no longer have to pronounce words but we also think the same at the same time.

Still, I was very curious about what you could get out of my Akasha soul reading, what lessons I still had to learn and what my path is for the future.

For the future: - You continue your passion for writing and communicating - You increasingly realize that knowledge is there to be shared - You learn to share what you know with others even better - You no longer hoard knowledge. You choose intense sharing that informs and educates - You also learn to deeply support the learning process of other people - You learn more and more about your communication skills

Is this the future or the present dear, I love that I get the opportunity with you to guide “witches”, spiritual, paranormal people on their path and to pass on my knowledge. This is really where my passion lies.

You have described my life and lessons in detail and they are really correct, it seems as if I have written my own soul reading.

Thank you dear for this beautiful reading, I love you sister

Dineke's Review of her Shamanic Distance Initiation

'I have been feeling the energy changing for days. I'm so looking forward to it. The 6th initiation. Keeper of Wisdom. I'm so ready! The music begins (Shamanic Journey, YouTube). With one sigh I am in the Lower World. I stand in a circle of old, wise, gray Shamans. Men and women. A fire burns in the middle of the circle. I dance, almost stomping, in the circle. I'm stomping harder and harder. And with every stamp I say: "angry..., angry..., angry..." I stamp out my sadness and anger. Around the circle and around the circle. Then the gong sounds. I start waving my arms in time to the music. “Let it go, let it go.” I feel lighter and lighter. Occasionally the movement changes into a stomp followed by a swing. It's not all out yet. I can not stop. Then it changes back to waving. "Loose..loose..." The gong again. All the wise, gray people touch me. And starts to float. It's a kind of low flying and now they're back in the circle and by waving their arm I'm flying. First in the circle, then above it. They touch me and carry me floating. “We are one, you are one with us.” And slowly I wake up.... I'm still sitting on the couch with a wonderful feeling: relieved, lighter. Different, yet the same. Different and at the same time even more myself. And I feel, even more than before... It. Is. TIME. Thank you dear Vivian!!!'

Mary's Review of her
Akashic Soul Reading

'I notice that the reading you made puts a lot into effect and the pennies are starting to fall. Together with the process I am in spiritually, you helped me with the Akasha reading to put more words to it and to clarify things. I am very grateful to you for it.
Many thanks also for the tips on what can support me in further development, I am already working on some of it, but I can do more.
Vivian, thank you very much for the entire reading. Deep respect for what a beautiful soul you are, that you can make such an attunement to people. I'm happy with you.
Big hug

Claske's Review of her Distance Initiation

"What a beautiful healing, message is that I can allow more joy and not make life so difficult and leave it to others. Thank you for making this energy so available."

Manuela's Review of her Extensive Soul Reading :

'Hi dear person, I have read it. You know what's so great that this just confirms what I already know. Yet we sometimes need that confirmation, precisely because so many things happen that sometimes make us doubt ourselves. Still, what you have written now shows me that I can really listen to myself and no longer doubt and that does me good, sometimes you need something and you get something that comes your way that you can really use, thank you for the reminder, I am truly a blessed person. ''

Joyce's Review of her Distance Initiation

“Hi Vivian
Wow, the feeling was so nice, I first felt my throat chakra open and then throughout my entire body. My hands became very warm and they are still flowing. A special experience thank you"

Elodie's Review of her
Akashic Soul Reading

'Dear Vivian,

How exciting to open your email.
I had been secretly looking forward to it for a whole week.

I must say that you certainly have very extensive information, which I will certainly read often this week to analyze it calmly and let it sink in. I am very happy with what you have been able to observe about me. It gives me tools to work on myself. So that I can continue to grow and blossom again.

I thank you in advance with all my love.'

Renate's Review of her Shamanic Distance Initiation

'I had a very nice 2nd kundalini Reiki initiation from Vivian this afternoon. Tingling all over my body, I feel flow and space in my body. Also beautiful words that I can relate to. Have confidence in myself. Since taking lessons with Vivian, I have taken valuable steps...I can even say that I am a little proud of myself. Dear Vivian, I am grateful that you came my way.'

Nadia's Review of her Distance Initiation

'I thought it was a moving and beautiful energy that I felt going through my entire body. It was a beautiful experience that brought me a lot of love and healing from the dolphins.
Thank you for this.'

Nathalie's Review of her
Akashic Soul Reading

'Hi Vivian,

Thank you very much for this beautiful reading. Actually very recognizable, it resonates enormously!
I have already read it a few times, a really nice gift for myself.

Love, Nathalie'

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